WNYMuslims is committed to raising awareness about the true nature of Islam. We hope to foster an interfaith dialogue through our educational lecture series on Islam. These presentations cover the teachings, history, and practices of Islam as well as political issues affecting Muslims across the globe. Get to your know your Muslim neighbors today!

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  • The History of the Prophet Muhammad

    The Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, is the living example of the religion of Islam. Learn about his incredible mission, his beautiful character, and his commitment to social justice as he received and shared his revelations.

  • Islam in the Workplace

    Mutual respect and understanding ensure a professional atmosphere and increase productivity in the workplace. Find out what working alongside Muslims is really like.

  • Egypt, Tunisia, and Libya: What's Next?

    The recent revolutions in the Middle East affected global politics and economics. Explore the causes of these movements and their consequences on American foreign policy.

  • Sharia or Islamic Law

    The concept of Sharia is often misunderstood and used to further negative stereotypes about Muslims in the media. Discover what constitutes Sharia law and how these rulings are derived and applied in modern societies.

  • Islam and Women

    Dispel the misconceptions surrounding Muslim women through an examination of Islamic scholarship as it relates to gender roles, civil rights, marriage and divorce, dress code, and education.

  • What Makes the Final Cut?

    WNYMuslims empowers individuals with the tools to effectively engage the media. This multimedia workshop demonstrates how to get involved in the community, realize media strengths, conduct an interview, and more.