U.S & The Muslim World (CPM 250)  offered at Cora P. Maloney College at UB.

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This course is for YOU:

If YOU want to participate in discussions about:

  • Current affairs and US security policy

  • World conflicts and its context

  • International relations and terrorism

  • Minorities and immigrants

And if YOU are interested in Media Study, Diversity Issues and International Politics, you will find this course extremely useful.

  • News and media will be analyzed for their contents.

  • Interactive presentations are designed to understand the cultural and political situation of the world.

  • Students will be encouraged to investigate the American role in Muslim World Politics

  • Students will be treated as policy makers who will formulate their OWN policy towards the World.

Instructor: Faizan Haq

Lecturer of Islamic Cultural History and U.S. and the Muslim World since 1996 at State University at Buffalo & Buffalo State College